History of TM sportmanagement

TM sportmanagement is a company created in 2006 providing services to rugby clubs, athletes and coaches.

Although young, the company has already gained valuable experience in the sector: dynamic and innovative, it is aware of the demanding needs of athletes and offers tailor-made services of high quality.

We listen, understand your needs and respond with passion and courage.

We love talent: we know how to spot it, how to develop it through consistent and determined effort, we can help you to make it explode!

We cannot reach your goals in your place, but we can put you in the best position to do it yourself.

We invest in people and relationships based on loyalty. They way clients listen to us and talk about us is proof of our success.

Cristiano Turri


Luca Mantovani

Cristiano played rugby at amateur level for many years as tight-head prop.

He is a law graduate of the University of Bologna and his final year thesis was based on the criminal and civil liability arising from the sport of rugby.

Once I left the sport, I decided to turn my passion for rugby into a business. Thanks to many friendships made on the field and reinforced outside, I created a network of loyal relationships based on knowledge and love for the sport.

I became a sport agent in 2003. After a lucky meeting with Luca, I understood that his expertise could add value to the business and in 2005 I made him a partner of TM sportmanagement.

A sport freak and a rugby player at amateur level, he has a vast experience as a commercial and administrative manager having worked for years in well-known international companies.

Luca is a highly qualified professional, particularly gifted in managing the daily company business and in setting and achieving both financial and professional goals.

I believe that my commercial expertise and Cristiano’s knowledge of the sport and its mechanics make us a winning and reliable team, the best on the market.

Joined us...

Aaron James Kimura - Hayden Hireme - Nathan Coleman - Iacopo Scarparo - Peter Maxwell - Tai Tailalaia - Gabriele Rubini - Alan Davies - Craig McGrath - Mathias Herenù - Michael Wilson - Durandt Gerber - Arthur Little - William Jhonson - Salvatore Garozzo - Michael Scaturchio - Steven Evans - Bogdan Voicu - Enrico Pavanello - Giulio Rubini - Riccardo Pavan - Gilberto Pavan - Lisandro Villagra - Ross Cook - James Wessels - Warren Graff - Michael Marshall - Matt Harvey - Raffaele Privitera - Francis Stowers - William Campbell - Nathan McGrath - Brendan Lynich - Andrea Sola - Brent Kelly - Duncan Corlett - Ryan Bambry - Jono Hope - Sean Maloney - Gareth Morton - Tim Manawatu - Savatore Costanzo - Simon Picone - Matteo Mazzantini - Adam Jones - Roger Chapelle - Aayden Clarke - Paul Hanniffy - Alessandro di Vito - Tomas Vallejos Cinalli - Paddy warwick - Andy Rennick - Filippucci Marco - Lucchese Alberto - Alex Ainley - Robert Malneek - Edwin Ainley - Tristan Hill - Garry Law - Nicola Benetti - Marc Britton - Brigham Nordstrom - Giovanni Centorrino - Matteo Zitelli - Tony Penn - Lorenzo Romano - Denis Majstorovich - Mauritz Jan Verstutzen - Tom Payne - Colin White - Alessio Merenghetti - Daniele Pompa - Matteo Guglielmo - Francesco Ferraguti - Jan De Beer - Shaun Hugen - Peter Michael - Vito di Muro - Mauro Nicolli - Bruno Masetti - Rodney Voullaire - Matteo Mortali - Marc Riva - Ryan Neethling - Lorenzo Biancaniello - Mattia Merlo - Jean Vernetti - Filippo Aretusini - Ricky Nebbett - Michele Mortali - Lorenzo Contini - Enrico Michelini - Tommaso Bergonzini - Sebastiano Dusi - Franceso Pepoli - Dave Harvey

Via Monte Baldo n. 10 - 37069 - Villafranca di Verona (VR) - ITALY
Tel. +39 045 986123 - Fax. +39 045 8617079 - Email info@tmsportmanagement.com

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